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MUSIC: oktober 2014


I’ve decided to make music playlists for every month from now on. Partly so I can go back and see what I listened to at some point and so that I’ll remember what songs I like so I won’t forget to listen to them. Here’s the first one for october. The picture was made at The Brave festival a couple months ago.

vacation from love, chinawoman;
i know places – voice memo, taylor swift;
verwandlung, thomas azier;
how to disappear completely, radiohead;
romeo, until the ribbon breaks;
chandelier, sia;
cash diamond rings swimming pools, dena;
no rest for the wicked ft a$ap rocky, lykke li;
my my hey hey, neil young;
seasons (waiting on you), future islands;
sirens of the city light, thomas azier;
red eyes, the war on drugs;
kids with guns, gorillaz;
good kid, kendrick lamar;

spotify playlist


OOTD #1: London

DSC_0948 DSC_1008 DSC_1153

This is not how you do a proper outfit post, but I guess it’s the only thing I have to offer. I wasn’t wearing super exciting stuff. Mostly comfortable and slightly warm stuff, because the weather wasn’t amazing and I had to walk all day long. (Also my fashion style isn’t that exciting probably?) Anyway, I’ve seen much worse on fashion blogs, so this might do. (That’s the spirit..)

#1 – I made this picture in a super fancy bathroom somewhere.
leather jacket, a small shop in Essaouira // sweater, urban outfitters // blouse, ? // jeans, silence + noise // shoes, nike

#2 – A colourful door from an office in Shoreditch.
turtle neck, mango // skirt, h&m

#3 – Not a mirror-selfie, but a sneak peak into an upcoming post! (I just didn’t have pictures of what I wore this day and then I found these my mom made of me). HOGWARTS!
blouse, urban outfitters // cardigan, pull&bear // jeans, american eagle outfitters

FASHION: Alexander Wang x H&M

I love the Alexander Wang x H&M collection! I haven’t been this excited about one of H&M’s collaboration collections in a long time, in fact, this is the first time I strongly consider standing in front of a H&M store at 6AM to get my hands on one of the pieces. (Or is it better to try to buy it online? How do you do this? I have plenty of experience buying tickets for festival that are quick to sell out, but I have no idea how it works with clothes!)

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TRAVEL: London is calling you #1


I’ve just returned from a trip to London and I miss the city already. Oh what I’d give to live in London for a couple of months and be one of the slightly hipster-y people living in Shoreditch. I even kind of love the London underground, although I could do without the rush hour trains sans ventilation.

The first day started with a visit to the Malevich and Polke exhibitions in Tate Modern. I didn’t know much about Polke, but the exhibition was a pleasant suprise and I loved it all and Malevich was great as always. Modern art is probably my favourite form of (painted) art, that combined with the beautiful area and building Tate is in makes it one of my favourite museums. The rest of the day we spend walking around in Central London (visiting Hamleys and Liberty is a probably much recommended tourist activity but so worth it!), Soho and around Covent Garden.

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TRAVEL: Planning my London trip


Plans to visit London in october are finally coming together, and I am so so so excited! I have loved London ever since the first time I went, since then I have been there three times and I can’t wait to come back again.

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FASHION: Dries van Noten Spring/Summer 2015

Let’s talk about the Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer Collection 2015. I’m by no means a fashion expert, I just look at clothes and form a very uniformed opinion. It’s mostly just me loving a lot of clothes, and disliking a few. I seem be pretty positive about a lot of clothes on fashion runways? I mostly love the really weird and typical runway clothes that some people find ugly, not necessarily because I would wear it, but just because that’s way more interesting than what I wear on a day to day basis. And I love the pretty basic clothes – that’s probably actually really boring – just because minimal things can be really nice and I can easily see myself wearing it. Or something. I’m mostly just really uninformed and pretty positive about a lot.

I do love most of Dries van Noten’s stuff. I remember being in Antwerpen and walking into a lot of design shops and looking at his clothes in awe. (Super expensive designer shops are always weird because I feel so out of place, but it’s really nice to look at the clothes and the beautiful fabrics and details, even if I can never afford it. And sometimes those shops are just annoying, because I go in there expecting to see a lot of beautiful clothes, and it’s mostly just boring overpriced stuff..)

In short, I am in a no way an informed fashion critic, but I just really liked the Dries van Noten spring/summer collection.

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Back to the ordinary


The end of this week marked the end of the first week of my final year of high school. It always surprises me how fast you get used to the familiar routine of school after the summer holiday. After a couple of days, the summer already seems weeks away and you’ve gotten used to the whole waking op way too early – school – procrastinating homework – finally doing some homework – getting maybe 6 hours of sleep thing. (Although I’ll probably never get used to the waking up early thing..)

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TRAVEL: Canada & USA #3

DSC_0658 DSC_0695_2

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TRAVEL: Canada & USA #2

DSC_0069 DSC_0087

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TRAVEL: Canada & USA #1

DSC_0623 DSC_0632

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