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January in review.


I was inspired by The Dauphine to do a monthly recap of my favourite things. Although she does it weekly, this will hopefully be a monthly thing. My life just isn’t eventful enough to do this every week. Kind of like the favourite videos so many YouTubers do, but untill I decide talking to a camera won’t be totally embarrassing this will be a written thing.

So without further ado, here are some things I enjoyed in january.

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2014 in lists


I love making list. When I was younger one of my favourite books was a book called ‘Lena Lijstje’ about a girl who made a lot of lists. I probably like t make lists to pretend like there’s some kind of order in my mostly unorganized life. Also it’s very practical.

Here are all my favourite things from 2014 combined into way too many lists. Music, YouTube, books, and other things.

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Back to the ordinary


The end of this week marked the end of the first week of my final year of high school. It always surprises me how fast you get used to the familiar routine of school after the summer holiday. After a couple of days, the summer already seems weeks away and you’ve gotten used to the whole waking op way too early – school – procrastinating homework – finally doing some homework – getting maybe 6 hours of sleep thing. (Although I’ll probably never get used to the waking up early thing..)

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