FOOD: avocado toast + poached egg

by Alba

Today in poorly photographed but VERY delicious food.


Avocados are the new love of my life. They’re very easy to prepare, which is great because I’m not a huge fan of cooking + they taste amazing with everything. This makes it perfect for my new quest to a healthy life. (An again renewed quest, which I’ll probably give up on in 2 days..) I haven’t actually researched this, but I imagine avocados to be very healthy. Also tasty – did I mention tasty? – which is the most important factor.


    • avocado (use a ripe one! make sure you can squeeze it a bit.)
    • citron juice
    • tomato
    • salmon
    • egg
    • toast (I used 2 spelt crackers.)
    • pepper


Put your peeled avocado in a bowl, mash it and dribble some citron juice over it, also add some black pepper. Spread this out over your toast. Then cut the tomato and lay the tomato on top of the avocado. You’re basically done now, but you can add some things if you want to! For example: do a poorly attempt at poaching an egg or add some salmon.


To poach an egg put plastic foil in a cup, spread a little bit of olive oil over the foil and add the egg. Now let your water cook and then bring the temperature down and let it simmer. Put your egg in foil in the water for about 3 minutes and you’re done! This probably won’t compete with the fancy restaurants, but it does the trick nice enough.


You’re done! Now congratulate yourself for actually sort of cooking and treat yourself by eating your self made delicious food & watching your series of choice/reading a book.