Travel: London #2

by Alba

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After a lengthy gap between this post and my last one, I realised that I still have a large amount of pictures of London that have been left unseen. When I was 12 I visited London I went to Camden Market. This was also during my slightly alternative/scene/emo/whatever phase and I fell in love with all the alternatively dressed people walking around. 5 years later I came back there and it’s still a bubbling place filled with weird but great shops. Pop-up Mall Boxpark in Shoreditch is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, but filled with great shops. I discovered the amazing Swedish brand Vagabond there, which you should definitely check out if you’re a shoe lover.

No long-winded descriptions of every picture this time, since I still need to work through this 1000-lages long SAT prep book and spend hours working on other school stuff. Christmas and thus a two week vacation sooooon!