FASHION: Alexander Wang x H&M

by Alba

I love the Alexander Wang x H&M collection! I haven’t been this excited about one of H&M’s collaboration collections in a long time, in fact, this is the first time I strongly consider standing in front of a H&M store at 6AM to get my hands on one of the pieces. (Or is it better to try to buy it online? How do you do this? I have plenty of experience buying tickets for festival that are quick to sell out, but I have no idea how it works with clothes!)

AWxhm 1

These are my favourite pieces and I’ll definitely try to buy these, I’ll probably have to take a good look at my savings account before I do though.. It’s all way less expensive than normal designer clothes, but it still doesn’t come cheap. I do however strongly believe in buying less but more expensive clothes. Personally I get way more wear out of my expensive clothes than the stuff I bought on sale because it was oh-so-cheap.

aw x hm 2

And this is some other stuff I’d also buy, if I had some magical money-tree in my yard..

And this Alexander Wang towel. Imagine how cool this would look on the beach?!