TRAVEL: Planning my London trip

by Alba


Plans to visit London in october are finally coming together, and I am so so so excited! I have loved London ever since the first time I went, since then I have been there three times and I can’t wait to come back again.

The first time was in my first year of highschool/secondary school (I still have no idea how to translate the Dutch schoolsystem to English). A bunch of 12 year olds and some teachers + older students and a 24 hour trip to London. We gathered at 00:00 at school, drove to London, arrived at about 7AM, walked around for a day and drove back. I was so tired afterwards, but it was amazing. The second time was for a couple of days with my parents, just a few weeks after that first trip, and the third time was again with my school. (The fourth time would have been to the Holland Heineken House to celebrate my cousin’s OS medal, but then he didn’t win, so we didn’t go..)

And now, London again. These are some of the places I’m definitely going to visit. Lots of them inspired by all the countless blogpost and vlogs I’ve seen featuring London. All of them saved somewhere in my mind, so I could remember then once I went to London.

Borough Market

I see this market in essiebutton’s vlogs all the time. Mostly featuring some tasty looking food, which I definitely have to try. I love markets, it’s always bursting with nice people and great food(!) – so I’m hoping to spend some time here and eat some lunch.

Camden Market

This was one of my favourite places from when I visited London with my parents. I was still kind of in my ‘alternative’ phase back then (I still kind of am – I still love some MCR now and then – but let’s not talk about that) and I loved all the different people that were walking around there and the different kind of shops.

HP Studio Tour

I was a huge Harry Potter fan growing up and I still definitely am. So I can’t pass this opportunity to visit the studio tour and marvel at all the props and sets from the movies. I’m also probably going to buy everything in the souvenir shop.

Tate Modern

My favourite type of art is probably modern art, and that, alongside with the amazing building in which Tate Modern is located, I have to visit the museum.


My mom visited London last week for her work, and told me that Shoreditch is an amazing upcoming neighbourhood. I don’t know a lot about it myself, but since our hotel is located there, I will probably see a lot of it!

Seeing as the last time I visited London I didn’t make that much (nice) pictures – I did make this video though! – I used these beautiful pictures taken by photographer Corrado Chiozzi of and empty silent London in Christmas day.