FASHION: Dries van Noten Spring/Summer 2015

by Alba

Let’s talk about the Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer Collection 2015. I’m by no means a fashion expert, I just look at clothes and form a very uniformed opinion. It’s mostly just me loving a lot of clothes, and disliking a few. I seem be pretty positive about a lot of clothes on fashion runways? I mostly love the really weird and typical runway clothes that some people find ugly, not necessarily because I would wear it, but just because that’s way more interesting than what I wear on a day to day basis. And I love the pretty basic clothes – that’s probably actually really boring – just because minimal things can be really nice and I can easily see myself wearing it. Or something. I’m mostly just really uninformed and pretty positive about a lot.

I do love most of Dries van Noten’s stuff. I remember being in Antwerpen and walking into a lot of design shops and looking at his clothes in awe. (Super expensive designer shops are always weird because I feel so out of place, but it’s really nice to look at the clothes and the beautiful fabrics and details, even if I can never afford it. And sometimes those shops are just annoying, because I go in there expecting to see a lot of beautiful clothes, and it’s mostly just boring overpriced stuff..)

In short, I am in a no way an informed fashion critic, but I just really liked the Dries van Noten spring/summer collection.

The show started with these pretty looks, with a white theme and some gold elements. I wasn’t a very big fan of the black fabric with red dots theme that came afterward, but I love love these. It kind of reminds me of Ancient Egypt, and the Cleopatra looks? I have no idea what she liked to wear, but in my mind it’s something with this colour scheme.

Sometimes print on top of prints can be a bit too much, and even though I’m not a huuuge fan of the pants (?) on their own the overall look works really well! And those glasses are amazing.

I love bomber jackets, I especially love this bomber jacket with the flowers and the shape of the sleeves.

That sweater! Someone give it to me please, I’d wear it 24/7. I want to say that it kind of reminds me of some Comme Des Garcons stuff, but I’m afraid I might be insulting the gods of CDG by that so I won’t.

I’m going to end this way to lengthy post with this look. Did I mention I love the hair of the models? I might try to recreate the look and separate my hair on one side of my head for once. (Is that how you say that in English? idk) And maybe I need to buy some gold string and put it in my hair, or something.

All the pictures are from, which is a great site if you want to look at pictures of recent fashion shows. Although they don’t have links to the whole show.. I think.. I probably just didn’t look well enough.