Back to the ordinary

by Alba


The end of this week marked the end of the first week of my final year of high school. It always surprises me how fast you get used to the familiar routine of school after the summer holiday. After a couple of days, the summer already seems weeks away and you’ve gotten used to the whole waking op way too early – school – procrastinating homework – finally doing some homework – getting maybe 6 hours of sleep thing. (Although I’ll probably never get used to the waking up early thing..)


This will hopefully be my final (!!!) year of high school. I didn’t do that well the last couple of years, so I’m determined to do GREAT this year. Which has been my resolution for every year, and it has always proven to be quite difficult. I procrastinate a lot, but with the finish in sight I’ll hopefully somewhere find the motivation to do stuff.


Here are some pictures I made during one of my testweeks last year. It was about 2:00, I had a test at  8:30 and I probably hadn’t studied yet. So I made these slightly horrible pictures, super productive.

It was my birthday this wednesday and I turned 17. Birthdays used to be super exciting, especially in elementary school. You’d get to give out treats to your class and walk around the school to visit every teacher so they could write something in this little booklet. And in the 7th and 8th grade of elementary my teacher would have a lot of super weird lipstick colours. You could pick four colours and then she’d paint your lips with those colours. I think.. I just remembered this and realised that I might be entirely wrong about it. It’s still kind of great though.


Now I’m 17 and in high school birthdays aren’t that exciting anymore. All my friends have already turned 17, so it isn’t an exciting new age. You can’t really do anything new when you turn 17, so everything stays the same. It’s nice, but it’s also just an ordinary day during which I had to make math homework and go to school. I got cookies from a friend though! And I went to dinner with my parents and aunts, which was really nice.

Anyway, here’s to a year in which I won’t start learning for very important test in the middle of the night and in which I’ll hopefully write less of these boring posts and more slightly interesting things..